Lakes in Pirin

  • Popovi Lakes

    Popovi Lakes

    The beauty of Pirin mountains can literally take your breath away. But one of the greatest richest of this mountain are its picturesque [lakes]. There is a total of 186 lakes on Pirin territory, some of which are seasona...
  • Kremenski Lakes

    Kremenski Lakes

    The Kremenski Lakes are a group of 9 water bodies in [Pirin] mountain. The Kremenski Lakes are situated in the Kremenski cirque, a narrow, yet incredibly well defined Pirin cirque. The Kremenski cirque is surrounded b...
  • Popovo Lake

    Popovo Lake

    [Pirin] is among the most beautiful of Bulgarian mountains. Its raw beauty has won the hearts of not only passionate mountaineers but also regular tourists. Its inaccessible slopes and breathtaking views are a tempting c...