Solomon Burke was the attraction of the Jazz Fest yesterday

Solomon Burke was the attraction of the Jazz Fest yesterday

His concert rocked a packed square and the audience wanted more after a unique experience.

Burke arrived with his car behind the stage. In high-security the soul star was the last to get out of the car. The audience and journalists were asked to waive the way to the stage and not push for autographs and interviews. A red throne was mounted on the stage with two vases filled with roses.

The show started with the fantastic musicians offering a short intro. During this time, Solomon Burke remained hidden from the audience, who was later brought in a wheelchair. When the spotlight shone, the regal king was sat on his throne. From there, the powerful and striking voice of the singer left the thousands of spectators who had filled the square undisturbed.

Especially for the concert, Bulgarians arrived from different parts of the world and lovers of soul and jazz from many other countries. The singer jumped straight in performing some of his hit songs, as always exciting the audience. Gradually when he broke the ice in the middle of the concert the stage was already full of people dancing around him, and he himself kissed the cheeks of children that leaped near his throne. During the show the ladies received gifts of necklaces. The one hundred roses, which were on scene from the beginning of the show, were also for the audience.

At the end of the show the lights went out again to descend Solomon Burke off the stage with the help of his assistants. Full of energy during the concert, the huge artist remained without power at the end. Long after the show the audience were aroused while discussing, commenting and celebrating the world famous musician.

Solomon Burke has millions of fans worldwide. He holds a Grammy that was honored by the greatest artists of our present time which is held in the Hall of Fame in Ohio. He was also declared the best soul singer of all time, and has now celebrated his 70 years by arriving in Bulgaria with a private limousine from Greece accompanied with a team of 16 people.

Solomon Burke was born on March 21st, 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a room above the church. He began his career as a preacher, and soon became the leading show for soul music. The great Rolling Stones made a version of his song "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love". Don Gibson composed the famous song "I Can’t stop Lovin You" for him, not Ray Charles and in his album "Don’t Give Up On Me" sound of 2003, pieces by Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello and Tom Waits were written specially for him.

Burke is more than 260 pounds and is the father of 21 children and has 90 grandchildren. To enable Mr. Solomon Burke to be accommodated comfortably in his room in the Kempinski Hotel in Bansko, the bathroom wall was altered.

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