Kamenitsa Peak

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Kamenitsa Peak
Picture: Vladislav Terziiski

Kamenitsa Peak stands at 9256 ft (2822 m) high and is the 5th tallest peak in Pirin. Kamenitsa is one of the most challenging and difficult to conquer summits in Pirin. The peak is an attractive point for lovers of extreme climbing.

Kamenitsa is situated between the peaks Malka Kamenitsa to the north and Yalovarnika Peak to the south. It is part of Kamenishko side mountain ridge, which is in turn part of Northern Pirin.

Kamenitsa in Pirin
Picture: Георги Христов

Very characteristic of the peak are the sharp tops, comprised of nearly sheer passages, narrow ridge passages and bottomless cirques.

It's not uncommon to see a snow cover on Kamenitsa even in the middle of summer, especially when you consider the elevation of the peak.

A short mountain ridge splits off west of Kamenitsa, ending at the peak Kamenitsa Chuka (8823 ft (2690 m)). The Begovishki hill splits off southward, separating the rivers Mozgovitsa and Begovitsa.

It is Kamenishka Kukla peak that helps Kamenitsa attain its characteristic form. The view from the banks of Tevno Ezero toward the peak is especially popular.

Picture: Георги Христов

The northern side of the peak is rocky and relatively wide, ending sharply, while beneath the rocks of Kamenitsa there lies a field of moraines - hence the name - Kamenitsa (Kamen meaning rock).

The southern slopes of the peak, also quite rocky at the base, slant a lot more and are far from being as impressive.

There is a hiking trail on the northern side of Kamenitsa Peak, categorized as a "scramble" in difficulty. There is no specialized tourists' trail leading to Kamenitsa Peak. There is a provisional route, which includes a starting point from either Tevno Ezero Refuge or Kamenitsa Hut (Begovitsa).

Kamenitsa Peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in all of Pirin, with an emphasized alpine character. It allows for a breathtaking panoramic view of almost the entirety of Pirin and toward the mountains Rila and the Rhodopes, Falakro Oros, Slavyanka, Belasica and Ograzhden.

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