Gazey Peak

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Gazey Peak
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Gazey Peak is among the most picturesque peaks in Pirin mountain. The peak splits off of the Polezhan side ridge - at the Gazey mountain ridge with its altitude of 9056 ft (2761 m) above sea level.

This puts it in 11th place in altitude among all the other mountain peaks.

Gazey Peak in Pirin
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The panoramic view atop Polezhan Peak looking toward Gazey Peak is indeed breathtaking but also an optical illusion to some extent. When seen from Polezhan, Gazey looks like a small peak that barely towers over Gorno Gazeysko Ezero.

A single look toward the western slopes of Gazey shatters the optical illusion. The western slopes of the peak are incredibly steep. When seen from the valley below, the peak looks beyond imposing. Gazey is clearly visible even from the Razlog Valley.

Picture: Kiko666

Under the primary Gazey Peak there is a 2nd, shorter peak, which also looks monumental when seen from the valley. The Gazey mountain ridge forms a small cirque containing the 2 Gazey lakes, which are among the lakes at the highest elevation in Pirin and indeed all of Bulgaria. They are the source of Gazey river as well.

According to historians, the name of Gazey Peak comes from the Turkish word gaazi which translates as undefeatable.

A curious fact, during the Revival Process in the mid 80s of the 20th century, the name of Gazey Peak was officially changed to Voivodski Peak. Even though it was never changed back to its former name and the new name continues to officially mark the maps, no tourist practically ever uses it.

According to official categorization, the northwest point of Gazey Peak is an alpine route of "scramble" difficulty. The eastern wall of the peak is the one that attracts mountain climbers' interest. It drops down nearly vertically down to the Gazey cirque and lakes and is a challenge even for experienced climbers.

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