Pirin National Park can not become all in a protected area, like the mayors of Bansko and Razlog


Mayors of Bansko and Razlog, Alexander Kravarov and Blagoi Dunkin declared against the conversion of all National Park Pirin in the protected area and inclusion of new areas within its boundaries.

In a letter to the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov it indicates that these intentions would jeopardize the implementation of major infrastructure projects in the Southwest, including ski areas in Bansko, Dobrinishte and Kulinoto and also the construction of the River.

Currently, representatives of the Committee on World Heritage and UNESCO are to carry the light of the areas of Pirin National Park which is a world heritage, the idea being that the whole park is to become a protected area under the auspices of UNESCO.

Requested extension of the territory of the park for a further 12 000 hectares has been driven by business interests that have made the environment a profitable business in private, say the mayors of Bansko and Razlog.

We are extremely worried because the inclusion of new territories in the regions around Simitli Kresna Gorge, Razlog, Dobrinishte and Bansko as a world heritage means a ban on any activity within the national park, they commented in the letter to the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.

In their view, although the national network Natura 2000 covers 35 percent of the territory, which is twice more than the average of the European standards, using the powers of UNESCO it is seeking to increase their opportunities.

We can not turn over Bulgaria in a protected area where there are no investments and thus purposely leaving people on unemployment, low income and social benefits, also highlighted in the protest document.

Pirin National Park can not become all in a protected area, like the mayors of Bansko and Razlog

In a global crisis, mountain tourism is vital for the survival, prosperity and preservation of jobs in all spheres of national economy. Development of food industry, agriculture and construction throughout the region depend on tourism.

Construction of tourism infrastructure in ski center Bansko proved uniquely a correct way of development and investment has led to over 3 billion euros. By involving the entire area of the park in World Heritage Sites aims to halt future development of ski areas in Bansko, Dobrinishte and Razlog, say Alexander Kravarov and Blagoi Dunkin.

In his letter they both invite Prime Minister Boiko Borisov to exert all their influence to avoid unnecessary nomination of new areas of National Park Pirin in World Heritage Sites, which will be detrimental to future development of the whole southwestern Bulgaria.

We hope that Irina Bokova is to be elected Secretary-General of UNESCO, to understand and to help not to impose restrictions in order to realize its agenda for prosperity throughout the region. As mayors, elected by the population, we are responsible and must take care to citizens in our communities, is the conclusion from the mayors of Bansko and Razlog.

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