Razlozhki Suhodol Peak

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Razlozhki Suhodol Peak
Picture: samnaliev

Razlozhki Suhodol Peak is one of the most controversial peaks in Pirin mountain. It's located on the main mountain ridge between Suhodol and Kamenitishki summits and according to some its elevation is 8905 ft (2715 m), while others say it's 8659 ft (2640 m).

The confusion comes due to its proximity to Kamenititsa Peak. The debate over which elevation belongs to which peak has still not been resolved.

Razlozhki Suhodol Peak is distinguished by its steep northern slopes.

Razlozhki Suhodol
Picture: Иван Гърбев

Mountain climbers are drawn to the northwestern part of the peak, which is shaped like an isosceles triangle.

It's recommended to begin the ascent toward the peak from the Razlog Valley. There are also trails with markers which lead to it but these are nearly impassable in winter conditions.

In 2012, members of the "Pirin" tourist union in Razlog marked the 100-year anniversary of the liberation of their home town with a series of hikes all around Pirin mountain.

During one of these hikes, enthusiasts mounted a 13 ft (4 m) metal cross on the ridge of Razlozhki Suhodol Peak. The cross was carried to its destination by hand by members of the tourist union.

The reason why climbers chose this specific peak in Pirin is the breathtaking view one can experience from Razlozhki Suhodol Peak. The entire Razlog Valley is visible from it.

The international E4 European long distance path goes through Razlozhki Suhodol Peak, with tourists regularly passing through on their way to Koncheto Refuge and Vihren Hut or to Yavorov Hut.

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