Bayuvi Dupki Peak

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Bayuvi Dupki Peak
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Bayuvi Dupki Peak or Bayuva Dupka is located in the northern part of Pirin mountain. The peak sits at the so-called "marble summit" at an impressive 9249 ft (2820 m) above sea level.

It is situated at the karst ridge, found between Razlozhki Suhodol Peak and Banski Suhodol Peak. Bayuvi Dupki is one of the so-called "marble" peaks in Pirin.

Bayuvi Dupki
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The peak consists of 3 well-defined points. The highest of the 3 is the southern one. The northern point of the peak separates out toward the northeast and forms the karst ridge Sredonosa.

The 3 points of Bayuvi Dupki Peak are connected by a ridge, which narrows down to 19 3/4″ (50 cm) in some spots.

Bayuvi Dupki in Pirin
Picture: TSD

The western slopes of the peak drop off sharply toward the valley of Vlahinska River, while the eastern slopes are sheer and inaccessible. They drop down to the Bayuvi Dupki cirque.

The refuge at the highest elevation in Bulgaria, Koncheto, lies 1541 ft (470 m) southeast along the ridge from Bayuvi Dupki Peak. North of the peak is the Kavenitishki Preval saddle.

There are 3 trails of varying difficulty from the Preval to Koncheto Refuge. The most commonly used trail is the one that cuts through the steep western slopes of the peak and is marked in red.

The 2nd trail runs parallel to the ridge, along its very edge.

The 3rd trail cuts through the northernmost point of the ridge and then merges with the 2nd trail. If you've decided to conquer the peak, keep in mind that the final 2 trails aren't marked.

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