Kralev Dvor Peak

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Kralev Dvor Peak
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Kralev Dvor Peak is located on the southern central part of the main Pirin ridge, towering at 8790 ft (2680 m) above sea level. Kralev Dvor, unlike the majority of mountains peaks in Pirin, is not a marble but a granite peak.

This Pirin peak stands out with its characteristic pyramidal shape, which when seen from the Tevno Ezero region, appears slightly tilted toward the north-northwest. The granite peak was formed due to the erosive activity of glaciers in the Demirkapiiska, Kralev Dvor and Belemeto cirques.

Kralev Dvor
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The massive peak Momin Dvor is situated north of Kralev Dvor. The 2 peaks are linked by the saddle Lyava Kraledvorska Porta which is easily traversable. It is essentially a pass between the Kralev Dvor cirque and Belemeto cirque. The main trail connecting Bezbog Hut with Tevno Ezero Refuge also passes through this saddle.

The saddle Lyava Kraledvorska Porta is easily distinguished from the neighboring saddle Dyasna Kraledvorska Porta by the stone pyramids located at its lowest part.

The side ridge of Kamenitsa Peak splits off south from Kralev Dvor Peak. The 1st peak in that direction is Malka Kamenitsa, which connects with Kralev Dvor through Dyasna Kraledvorska Porta.

Dyasna Kraledvorska Porta saddle is easily accessible from Tevno Ezero. There is also a trail from Demirkapiiska cirque but it is much steeper and more difficult in turn. The main trail between Pirin Hut and Tevo Ezero goes through this saddle. It is marked by a winter trail marker where it begins.

Kralev Dvor Pirin
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Neighboring Kralev Dvor is the Demirkapiiski Chuki peak. The peaks are linked by an impressive, yet difficult to access stone crest. This crest resembles to some extent the typical shape of Kralev Dvor Peak, especially if viewed from the Kralev Dvor and Demirkapiiska cirque.

During summertime, you can climb to the top of Kralev Dvor Peak in about 15 min. along its northern edge from Lyava Kraledvorska Porta. You can also try for the peak from Dyasna Kraledvorska Porta. If you decide to head for the peak from Tevno Ezero Refuge it will take you about 35-40 min.

Kralev Dvor Peak reveals a breathtaking view toward the Pirin cirques Kralev Dvor, Popovo Ezero and Belemeto. The peaks and lakes situated in them are also visible.

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