Yalovarnika Peak

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Yalovarnika Peak
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Yalovarnika Peak is located on the alpine part of Northern Pirin, more specifically along the Kamenishko side mountain ridge. The massive granite peak towers at 9069 ft (2765 m) it is characterized by its double peak.

This double peak is best observed from Mozgovishka Porta. It is indeed this that makes it stand out from the other 2 granite giants in the Kamenishko ridge - the peaks Kuklite and Kamenitsa.

Picture: sevdelin atanasov

Yalovarnika Peak is connected to a small, unnamed peak to the north, followed by Kamenitsa Peak by a series of sheer rock pinnacles. West-northwest of Yalovarnika lies Zubut Peak, which is separated from it by a deeply incised saddle.

The northwest slopes of Yalovarnika Peak are nearly vertical, very choppy and highly eroded. Along these slopes you'll find vast rock falls, especially at the base of the peak. The northwest slopes reveal a beautiful panoramic view toward the Begovishki cirque.

The northeast slopes of Yalovarnika Peak are also rocky. They confine a small delved out cirque, which opens up toward Demirkapiiska cirque, while the base of the cirque contains Manenkoto Lake.

The southern and southeast slopes of Yalovarnika Peak are steeper and grassier. In some areas they are abundantly overgrown with junipers. In essence they are a massive denuded plateau that drops down to the valley of Demirkapiiska River and form the northern part of the Bashmandra cirque.

Yalovarnika from the North
Picture: sevdelin atanasov

Numerous mountain streams spring out of the southeastern slopes of Yalovarnika Peak, then flow into Demirkapiiska River and Bashmandreska River.

Yalovarnika Peak is relatively difficult to climb. It's not so much due to its altitude as its distance from towns and huts. Climbing it in winter conditions is not recommended because it's extremely hard.

There are 2 routes leading to Yalovarnika Peak. Beginning your ascent from Kamenitsa Hut or Pirin Hut is the easiest option. You can also climb up Zubut Peak, head down the eastern slope and then climb up Yalovarnika Peak. Next, go down one of the trails toward the cirque and hike to Kamenitsa Hut.

You can also traverse through the connecting ridge from Kamenitsa Peak but this particular route requires heightened awareness. In some sections the rocky crest is quite sharp, more so even than Koncheto. Only experienced groups should take this route.

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