Kuklite Peak

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Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Kuklite Peak is situated at the Kamenishko side mountain ridge in Northern Pirin. The peak towers at an impressive 8810 ft (2686 m) above sea level and has an alpine difficulty grade of climbing.

A common error in historiography is its being mistaken for Kukla Peak (5645 ft (1721 m)), located southeast of it, where in 1903 the revolutionary warlord Spiro Petrov died in a great battle.

Kuklite moraine
Picture: Kiko666

Kuklite Peak lies northwest of Zubut Peak, linked together by an unnamed saddle. Golena Peak rises north of it.

At the foot of Kuklite Peak there lies a vast moraine field, overgrown with thick tufts of pine. Its slopes from the west and northwest side are rocky and inaccessible. They drop down toward the Bregovishki cirque. The northern slopes drop off toward the valley of Begovitsa river.

Kuklite Peak is reachable via the eastern and southeastern slopes, which are grassy and rise a lot more gradually. The rocky rising consists of granite.

The base of Kuklite Peak that faces Bashmandra cirque contains several beautiful, unnamed springs. These springs, together with the springs at the base of Zubut Peak, form the source of Bashmandreska River.

Sprawling at the northern foot of Kuklite is the exceptionally beautiful Kuklensko Ezero, also known as Begovishko.

Kuklite Peak
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The most convenient starting point for Kuklite Peak is Kamenitsa Hut (Begovitsa). Hikers can either take the trail from the hut that passes through the Solishteto region or the one that skirts Begovishko Ezero and then head through the saddle between Zubut and Kuklite peaks.

There is a second route that's also convenient. It starts from Pirin Hut, passes through Bashmandra cirque and also leads to the nameless basin that connects the 2 peaks.

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