Kamenitsa Hut

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Kamenitsa Hut - Begovitsa

Kamenitsa Hut (Begovitsa) sits at an altitude of 5740 ft (1750 m) above sea level in Pirin on the left bank of the Kozya River. It is a massive 3-story building with 1 mansard floor. The hut has a capacity of 90. The accommodations offered consist of dormitories and 1 apartment. Rooms have 2, 4, 7 or 8 beds each. Each floor shares a bathroom.

During summer, conditions allow lodging for another 30 individuals in tents. The hut has a parking lot. Camping areas are marked. Kamenitsa Hut has electricity and running water, plus heaters that run on solid fuel.

The ground floor of Kamenitsa Hut has a fully equipped tourists' kitchen and dining area, while the 2nd floor has a restaurant that's open year-round. There's a TV, ski closet, as well as a playing field and ski slopes with 3 ski lifts in the area.

The town of Sandanski is the starting point for Kamenitsa Hut. The road is 18 mi (29 km) long, of which 13 mi (21 km) to Popina Luka is paved. Every Saturday and Sunday during summer there's transportation available from Sandanski to Popina Luka; from there it takes 2 hours along the marked trail to reach Kamenitsa Hut.

Telephone: 0746 3 03 85.

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