Yane Sandanski Hut

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Yane Sandanski Hut

Yane Sandanski Hut is the lowest altitude hut in Pirin mountain, sitting at just 4034 ft (1230 m) above sea level in the southern part of the Popina Luka region along the river valley of Glavnitsa River. The hut was built in 1930.

Yane Sandanski Hut has electricity and running water. It has a maximum occupancy of 70. Heating is local. Right next to the old hut there is a new building with room for 50 persons. There is a small kitchen and dining hall nearby, as well as a restaurant and grocery store. The new building is 3 stories tall, sprawling over an area of 2260 sq ft (210 sq m) and has 10 rooms per floor. Each floor shares a bathroom.

Yane Sandanski Hut is a perfect starting point for the trails leading to Vihren Hut through Spano Pole cirque, to the huts Kamenitsa, Demyanitsa, Sinanitsa and Pirin. There is an 11 mi (18 km) paved road leading to Yane Sandanski Hut from the town of Sandanski.

It is managed by Edelweiss Tourist Association, Sandanski.

Telephone: 0746 3 03 85; 0898 688 395; 0896 688 400; 0886 494 671.

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      Hut Yane Sandanski

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