Bunderitsa Hut

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Bunderitsa Hut

At 5937 ft (1810 m) above sea level, Bunderitsa Hut is located in Northern Pirin on the left bank of Bunderishka River.

Bunderitsa Hut was built back in 1915 by forest management. The hut was expanded in 1930 and 50 years later, in the 80s, they added a new large structure, increasing the hut's capacity to 230 beds. There is a designated area for tents.

Rooms have 2, 3 or 4 beds, while the dormitories have 7-13 beds. In the area of Bunderitsa Hut there is a small ski lift.

The new structure is a 3-story building with indoor and outdoor bathrooms. Bunderitsa Hut has electricity and central heating. It has a tourists' kitchen and dining area.

Bunderitsa Hut has bungalows nearby with a capacity of 30 beds. They have outdoor bathrooms. The bungalows have electricity and electric heaters.

To reach Bunderitsa Hut, follow the paved marked road from Bansko - it takes about 4.5 hours.

Telephone: 0898 868 999 - Hristo. Prices are 10 leva per person in the bungalows, 15 leva per person for a room with a bathroom, food is provided by the staff.

Phone for contact: 0899 939 339.

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