Summer Theater Begins in Bansko


Between July 1 and 7, Bansko will be hosting the Summer Theater festivities, being held this year under the motto: For the audience with love. The stage in the Nikola Vaptsarov auditorium will present one of the most popular productions from the nation's capital.


The festivities began with a show by the Bulgarian Army Theater - "How important it is to be serious", which portrays a pessimistic judge ready to do anything to escape his responsibilities but by taking on a false persona he ends up in a bunch of comical situations.

The play was performed by Tigran Torosyan, Vladislav Violinov, Vesselin Rankov, Plamena Getova, Anastasia Ingilizova, Gergana Dandanova, Georgi Kurkelanov and Alexander Doinov.

Director of the play is Krasimir Spasov. The play was first performed on stage in 1895.

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