Tevno Lake Shelter

Обзор на новините за Tevno Lake Shelter. Научи най-новите новини и теми на тема Tevno Lake Shelter. Всичко за Tevno Lake Shelter в сайта.
  • Yalovarnika Peak

    Yalovarnika Peak

    07.01.2016contains Manenkoto Lake. The southern and southeast slopes of Yalovarnika Peak are steeper and grassier. In some areas they are abundantly overgrown with junipers. In essence they are a massive denuded plateau that...
  • Polezhan Peak

    Polezhan Peak

    06.01.2016with a trail along it. The 2 highest-elevated lakes in Pirin - Upper Polezhan Lake (8888 ft (2710 m)), which is also the lake at highest altitude in all of Bulgaria, and Gorno Gazeysko Ezero (8666 ft (2642 m)), are both...
  • Kamenitsa Peak

    Kamenitsa Peak

    05.01.2016rivers Mozgovitsa and Begovitsa. It is Kamenishka Kukla peak that helps Kamenitsa attain its characteristic form. The view from the banks of Tevno Ezero toward the peak is especially popular. The northern side...
  • Kralev Dvor Peak

    Kralev Dvor Peak

    02.01.2016Dyasna Kraledvorska Porta. If you decide to head for the peak from Tevno Ezero Refuge it will take you about 35-40 min. Kralev Dvor Peak reveals a breathtaking view toward the Pirin cirques Kralev Dvor, Popovo Ezero and Belemeto. The peaks and lakes situated in them are also visible....
  • Banski Suhodol Peak

    Banski Suhodol Peak

    27.12.2015Sinanishko Ridge and its crests and cirques. When the weather is clear, one can clearly see Vlahinska cirque, the Vlahinska lakes, Gredaro ridge, Gergiiski cirque and even the marble "tooth" of Sinanitsa Peak....
  • Momin Dvor Peak

    Momin Dvor Peak

    25.12.2015spots, leading from Tevno Lake to Dzhengal Peak. Southeast of Momin Dvor Peak lies Kralev Dvor Peak. The 2 peaks are connected by the saddle Lyava Kraledvorska Porta. The main trail leading to Popovo Lake, marked in...
  • Maluk Polezhan Peak

    Maluk Polezhan Peak

    23.12.2015connects them. A short and narrow, passable saddle connects the peaks Polezhan and Maluk Polezhan, which lies northeast of the former. Right next to the saddle, in an eastward direction sits Upper Polezhan Lake, the highest...
  • Spano Pole Refuge

    Spano Pole Refuge

    18.12.2015Hut - Spano Pole Refuge - this is the shortest route, taking about 1.5 hours. Hike along the brown-marked trail from Begovitsa Hut and Pirin Hut. - Tevno Ezero Refuge - Spano Pole Refuge - it is a 3-hour hike...
  • Kremenski Lakes

    Kremenski Lakes

    17.12.2015Kremen lake has a depth of 88.5 ft (27 m), making it rank 3rd in depth among Popovo Lake and Tevno Vasilashko Lake. Toward the end of spring, the water volume of this Kremen lake can even exceed 1 000 000 m³. There are...
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