Maluk Polezhan Peak

Maluk Polezhan in Pirin
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

Maluk Polezhan Peak is one of the high granite peaks in Pirin mountain, located at the highest point along the Polezhan ridge in the northern part of Pirin. It stands at 9256 ft (2822 m) above sea level and is among the 10 highest peaks in all of Pirin.

You may also come across the peak by its old name - Maluk Mangar Tepe, which it bore until 1942. It originates from the Turkish word "mangar" - i.e. coin.

Maluk Polezhan and Gazei
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The similarity to the coins is due to the stones that cover its peak. Like coins, they shake and wobble when tourists walk across them.

Maluk Polezhan is situated between the peaks Polezhan and Dzhengal, on the rocky ridge which connects them.

A short and narrow, passable saddle connects the peaks Polezhan and Maluk Polezhan, which lies northeast of the former. Right next to the saddle, in an eastward direction sits Upper Polezhan Lake, the highest lake located on the territory of Bulgaria.

South of Maluk Polezhan lies the saddle Dzhengal Porta, linking it with Dzhengal Peak. Between these 2 peaks are several lower ones, with a characteristic form, known as the Obidimski Ushitsi.

Maluk Polezhan Peak
Picture: Sevdelin Atanasov

The eastern slopes of Maluk Polezhan Peak are exceptionally steep. They are grassy, with scree of unstable material. In some spots, the slope changes into steep, nearly sheer rock faces.

The northwestern slope of Maluk Polezhan consists of the rocky tiles characteristic of the region. At its lowest part, the slope reaches Upper Gazei Lake. Southwest of Maluk Polezhan Peak there is a small hanging cirque, which opens up right above the valley of Valyavitsa River.

The southern tip of Maluk Polezhan Peak begins with a short hill, which heads off toward Gazei Peak.

A suitable starting point for Maluk Polezhan Peak is Bezbog Hut, located about 2 hours' hike away.

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