How are the prices in Bansko this season?

Bansko Ski Zone

Although belatedly, the first real snow has already fallen in our winter resorts and ski and snowboard lovers have already made the first descents of the season. What prices did they get at the resorts compared to last year? There is an increase in the prices of overnight stays, as well as those of lift tickets and ski equipment rental.

The overnight stay in our winter resorts is about 20% more expensive this year. The increase will range between 11 and 30 percent - depending on the type of hotel, categorization and location.

Some of the resorts released promotional lift passes at the beginning of the season that were the same prices as last year, but after the promotional period ended they went up by nearly 20%.

Season tickets in Borovets are the most profitable - BGN 1.500 for adults, BGN 1.000 for children and youth. They provide access to the lifts for the entire period of the winter season. The most expensive are those in Pamporovo - BGN 2.550 for adults, BGN 2.041 for youth and BGN 1.530 for children.

Prices in Bansko are BGN 1.700 for adults, BGN 900 for children and BGN 1.600 for youth.

Half-day passes are divided into morning and afternoon passes, with those from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. being more expensive.

If a season pass is not purchased, and the tourist decides to buy a pass from 1 to 13 days, the prices in Bansko are the most expensive, as a one-day lift pass for adults is priced at BGN 90 (in Borovets and Pamporovo it is BGN 85 BGN).

In Pamporovo, there are also combined passes for use of the lifts and use of rental equipment, and for adults the price is BGN 100 for one day. In Bansko, a package of skis, poles and boots is available for BGN 30 per day, and the lift ticket is paid separately. The conditions in Borovets are the same as those in Bansko.

Restaurant prices also remain high. A cup of tea or coffee in Pamporovo is priced at BGN 4. Burgers are priced at BGN 20, salads – BGN 15.

Pizzas in Bansko are priced at BGN 20, salads – BGN 16, soup – BGN 7, coffee and tea – BGN 5.

Soups in Pamporovo are priced at BGN 9, main dishes - about BGN 25, salads - BGN 15, coffee and tea - BGN 4.

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