Attack of Greek tourists in Bulgaria around the holidays

Attack of Greek tourists in Bulgaria around the holidays

Greece has been taken over by cold weather with low temperatures and snow falls, which will continue until Christmas, the Greek media announce. Since yesterday it has been snowing in the mountains of Bulgaria's southern neighbor.

Because of the strong winds the ports Pirea, Rafina and Lavrio have been closed and no courses are realized between the Ionian Islands.

For now, however, the roads to the winter resorts in Northern Greece remain opened.

The Greek electronic issues write of a "Christmas raid" in Bulgarian resorts by lovers of winters sports. "Tempting prices, perfect ski tracks and excellent service can be found in Bansko, Borovetz and Pamporovo", a Greek paper writes in a bulky comment.

According to Greek tour operators, reservations are long ago depleted because Bulgaria is a preferred destination for winter tourism and sport.

After Bulgaria's accession in the EU the interest of Greeks in buying property in tourist regions in Bulgaria has increased, brokers report.

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