Bansko and Borovetz suitable for skiing

Bansko and Borovetz suitable for skiing

Only Bansko and Borovets are suitable for skiing, reported Mountain Rescue Service (PSS). In other parts the country the weather is still unsuitable for skiing because of the low temperatures and the heavy snowfalls.

There is serious danger of freezing in the mountains. If someone decides to go in the mountains, he should be very well equipped and move only on marked trails, warned PSS. Musala peak temperature is minus 18 degrees, very windy and cloudy. Cheren Vrah temperature is minus 15 degrees.

The skiing facilities in Pamporovo will not work because of the heavy snowfalls and minus 10 degrees. The snow cover is 20 cm there. The weather is clear and quiet, the temperature is minus 6 degrees, Borovets is minus 7, informed PSS.

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