New Green Facelift for Bansko


Since the beginning of spring, there have been over 150 trees planted in the mountain community of Bansko, announced spokespersons from the municipality. Maintenance of the landscape in the resort town has begun according to plan.

The spring maintenance of the green areas and trees in Bansko started with phytosanitary trimming of the bushes and the crowns of the trees, as well as pest control of the green areas. Over 50 more trees are expected to be planted by the end of April, mainly of the species of birch, ash and American oak.

Landscaping in Bansko

Once the repairs of the town's water and sewage systems have concluded, landscaping along Todor Aleksandrov street will also be improved. The municipality of Bansko plans to expand the zones that use an automatic watering system.

Workers from the municipal company Ozelenyavane have begun the spring afforestation of the central part of town. Landscaping experts in Bansko have begun growing violets in the municipal greenhouse with the aim of decreasing municipal costs for flower decorations.

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