Row with the Russians over apartments in Bansko

Row with the Russians over apartments in Bansko

After fraud problems relating to apartments in Bansko with Russians, we can now say that the English are getting the same situation. Alexander and Natalia Akimushkin Borodolina came to Bansko in the winter. They both liked it and decide to purchase some sort of housing.

They decided to take the services from the real estate, Alta-M and it was from there that their nightmare began. As is normal procedure, they paid 1000 euros as a reservation fee for the apartment in "Royal" - Bansko.

According to the contract on February 28th, 2010 they should receive a deed of ownership. On that date they paid the sum of €28, 000 in the bank account in Bulgaria in agreement with Mila Ivanova.

Then the deal was postponed to the end of May.

When they came back to Bulgaria, it appears that they received a preliminary contract that was signed not on behalf of the investor Royal Ltd, as it is written, but on behalf of Alta-M.

It appears that the sum of €28, 000 is missing from their account in Bulgaria along with the attorney whom they worked with, Mila Ivanova.

To solve the intricate case the Russians have employed a lawyer from Razlog.

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