Bansko is already the winter capital of the Balkans

Bansko is already the winter capital of the Balkans

During the International Tourism Fair at the grand ceremony in the Serbian town of Novi Sad, Bansko was announced the winter capital of the Balkans.

The proposal for the high award was the leadership of the Balkan Association of Hotels and Restaurants. The honorary sign was given to Alexander Kravarov, the mayor of Bansko.

The nomination of Bansko came after a visit in May from the Presidents of all the Balkan countries. They looked at the ski area, the large and small beautiful taverns and hotels in Bansko and then the infrastructure of the city and the mountains. Their conclusion was that there are no other such places in the Balkans.

This distinction is an important responsibility for Bansko and requires it to provide excellent hospitality for the beginning of the World Cup for men next year.

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