Experts from UNESCO will be visiting park Pirin

National Park Pirin

By 14 October, the national park "Pirin" in Bansko will be visited by experts from UNESCO and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The inspection is due to a complaint that the development of the ski area threatens wildlife in the park, which is a World Heritage site for the last few years.

The Commission will assess the overall condition of the protected area and the factors influencing the nature will determine whether the park will fall into the category of natural heritage at risk.

The mayors of Bansko, Razlog and MP Georgi Ikonomov met Kishore Rao, director of the World Heritage Centre. The problem discussed was that the decision of UNESCO will stop development of tourism in the region and this would be bad for the people living there.

Local government calls for the realization of long-delayed project for a second gondola lift, as the capacity of the gondola in the Bansko area is already insufficient and leads to many cars being logged in the park.

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