Thousands of participants at the Mummers Festival in Razlog and Simitli


Thousands of mummers /kukeri/ took part in the Mummer's festivals last weekend in Pirin Region. Two festivals were held at the same time - Sixth Mummer's Festival in Simitli and the International Mummer's festival in Razlog "Starchevata".

Among the participants, there were 3-year-old girls and boys and 70-year old mummers, who expelled the evil from the two cities.

Nearly 1 500 people from 12 groups launched a unique show in Simitli. The youngest participants fascinated the audience. 8-year-old Alexander Asparuhov from the village Cherniche left school in Madrid to take part in the feast.

Thousands of participants at the Mummers Festival in Razlog and Simitli

Participants recreated the folk customs, expelled the evil, and blessed the attending. The price fund was 15 000 euro, each group received 500 leva. All of the nearly 200 children who participated in the festival, received a bag of candies.

It is very important, that tradition is preserved. Many young people have it, and this proves that there it will be continued, said Municipal Mayor Apostol Apostolov.

22 groups from different countries took part in the festival in Razlog. It took place at the main central square. Jury of six experts estimated the show by the Kukeri and the prize fund was 5 000 leva.

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Меди Кисьова
Меди Кисьова
26.04.2017 15:43
При такива заболявания -бяла бреза , липа , корени гръмотрън и вишневи дръжки :-)