Prince Albert's visit to Bansko postponed

Prince Albert's visit to Bansko postponed

From the office of Prince Albert II, we have been informed that his visit to Bansko is postponed due to urgent commitments in the principality.

Executive Director of the association Star team for the children MC, Mauro Serra, said that the prince will do everything possible to be able to attend at least the charity gala, which will be tomorrow evening at the 5-star hotel "Kempinski Grand Arena" in Bansko, at 21:00. Participants paid for tickets at a rate of 600 euros each.

The race of the stars begins on Saturday morning, at 10:30 h, at the track "Tomba" and that biathlon is at 15:00. The tracks for both are perfectly prepared.

In Bansko have also arrived all the stars who will participate in the charity races. Ricardo Patreze, who made his first run, expressed admiration for the slopes and lifts in the ski area.

The star players for tomorrow's race are already equipped with the necessary equipment.

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