Prices for ski passes in Bansko


After the opening of the season in Bansko, and the prices at which you will buy cards for ski equipment are clear. The company concessionaire "Yulen" have set the following prices.

Adult day pass card costs 58 levs. For students, it is 53 levs, 49 for levs school children and younger children- 38 Levs. Students must submit certified books and cards.

To use the half day pass will cost respectively 45, 43, 41 and 32 Levs. If someone just decides to travel and pay to go from to the ski area, they will pay 28 levs for adults and for students and children, prices are 25, 24 and 18 Levs.


You can also purchase seasonal cards. Adults pay 1, 450 Levs and for students and children, the prices are 1200, 850 and 700 Levs. The price is inclusive of VAT.

These cards provide a corridor for quick access to the lift. Insurance is included in the price. A chipped card costs an extra 5 Levs.

The etxtent of the skiing season is from December 7 to 14 April next year. Dates can be changed by the operator, in accordance resort snow and weather conditions.

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