Mummers carnival in Razlog


The fifth edition of the International 'Strachevata" mummers carnival will be held on January 19, in Razlog. Official guest of the event will be Alex Tsitsimov - Representative of the Federation of European Carnival Cities.

The beginning of the holiday will be at 11:00, when the central square in the city will be livened by the bells of 1500 Mummers.

For regulation, each Mummer group will have 15 minutes to present its program. The performances will be judged by the jury on four main criteria: presentation of moments of Mummer tradition, maintenance and transmission of local cultural specificity, highlighting the tradition of to the region in the mask and clothing and artistic performance.

mummer festival

Mummer groups are Bogdanov dol village, Sapareva Banya village and Slokoshtitsa Yabalka village (Kyustendil Municipality), village Turia and Osetenovo (Municipality Pavel banya, District Stara Zagora), Petrich, Bansko, Yambol, Kabyle village and Chargan (municipality Tunja, the area Yambol), Bachevo and Eleshnitsa (municipality of Razlog ), vilage Krupnik (Simitli Municipality). Macedonia is also presented by three groups.

" Strachevata "is a continuation of New Year's Day Mummer celebration in Razlog. The town is a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities since 1995.

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