Bulgarian Resorts and its Fantastic Profit Potential

Bulgarian Resorts and its Fantastic Profit Potential

For all skiing related sport lovers out there, Bulgaria offers you the most outstanding winter sport resorts available in Main land Europe today. Already well known on the world Skiing circuit are resorts such as Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo to name but a few.

Numerous European property investors have recently taken advantage of extremely great value and prestigious off plan apartment Property developments either in the form of apartments or chalet style houses within numerous winter resorts in Bulgaria.

Bansko which is situated about 160 km south of Sofia has been nicknamed the Gateway to the Pirin Mountains and the new Tuscany. The historic town of Bansko, is the heart and soul of this new resort.

Bansko has been proposed for the Bulgarian bid for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 alongside Sofia and two other Bulgarian ski resorts. The conditions for skiing are rumored to be among the best in the Balkans. 2006 / 2007 and the foreseeable future is expecting the increase in a high volume of tourist traffic to these regions bringing many thousands of affluent skiers and inward investment into the area.

At present thousands of apartments are being built in these regions to supply the ever demanding tourism trade that winter sports brings to the region.

What this means to the property investor is some outstanding deals being offered at present from purchasing an off plan ski resort apartments or chalet style affordable property. Many apartments depending on size and location can be bought for approximately ? 20, 000. With the Inclusion into the EU in 2007 will bring forward expected property rises with most property experts predicting increases of anywhere between 50 - 100% increases in just one year.

What this means for the property investor buying between now or anytime during 2007, will almost guarantee amazing profitable returns on any property bought in these areas. Rental potential is supply and demand based, the more thousands of winter loving sport lovers in the area, the higher demand for accommodation.

Winter sports enthusiasts are usually affluent people and like to purchase their own second homes in mountainous regions near ski resorts. These rich investors will push prices higher than usual for these regions of Bulgaria.

From a future investment potential, skiing resorts on Bulgaria cannot be beaten for unbelievable returns on capital investment in cheap property in the area.

If you are interested in purchasing a winter resort apartment or chalets style property in these areas, the site in my resource box will help you find cheap affordable Bulgarian property for amazing profit potential returns on your capital investment.

Koba Beridze

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