Bansko Jazz Festival, August 2009


Once again Bansko has become the host of the International Jazz Festival which traditionally takes place from 8th to 13th of August. Despite the financial crisis, organizers this year had promised the jazz festival to take over more of this popular resort town promising it to be and better than the previous jazz festivals, and it is true to say that the promise is fulfilled.

A conference for journalists took place just before the opening of the festival allowing the organizers to give speech of the festival.

Dr. Iliev and Mayor of the Bansko Municipality Alexander Kravarov reported:

- It is difficult to create such a great traditional Jazz Festival. In order to get started it is essential to have many great friends and associates. Of course the other way is to have a lot of money. When we founded the festival there was no money and never enough. Having great friends to be of help day and night working completely selflessly and associates to establish the most important conditions of the forum.

In style terms, are there priorities?

Dr. Iliev answers; The festival will be most fulfilling. Bansko will be parted into two scenes, which will provide choice and will also contribute to diversity.

Bansko Jazz Festival, August 2009

Rumen Valev, who contributes his work to operas in Oslo will be responsible for the perfect sounds of the music contributed to the festival.

What are the most exciting performers of this edition?

The guests of this years festival have the opportunity to hear live music from favorite singer, Clint Yisturd of Jamie Davis, also know as the chocolate baritone. Among other is Dutchwoman Candy Dalfar, known as Prince of the girl, Axel Tsvingenberger who is the best pianist in the world, Otto Heintz Trio, from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Bringing the audience in from last year include favorites like Boryeson Cake, our Japanese Piano player. Also from France Mario Stanchev Trio. Mario was actually born in Bulgaria but for three decades has lived and worked in France.

Bansko is a very beautiful place, I am very happy that I was in Bulgaria and given the opportunity to sing on the Bulgarian stage for the very first time. I am impressed by the perfect organization and hold mercy to the people. Having read various articles on Bulgaria and Bansko my exceptions have been surpassed, said Claire Tiyl at the press conference.

Bansko Jazz Festival, August 2009

10, 000 tourists are expected to show per day among us at this magnificent Jazz Festival in Bansko, of which most are Bulgarians, German and English.

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