British Press: Bansko Is a Better Bargain Than Grindelwald


According to research by M&S Bank, that compare the prices of the various winter resorts in Europe, a winter ski vacation in Bulgaria costs much less than one in Switzerland. The research data are published in the daily British paper, The Telegraph.

The research shows that a one-week vacation of a 4 member British family in Bansko with included overnight stays, food, ski rental, ski lift cards, as well as 140 pounds of pocket money per day, will cost 6225 pounds, if the family decides to spend their vacation in Bansko.


The same ski vacation in the Swiss ski resort Grindelwald will cost a staggering 9499 pounds. The authors of the study make the point that they have not taken into account that 1 beer in the ski resort of Bansko costs multiple times less than a beer in Grindelwald.

The British announce: Skiers, forward march to Bansko, Bulgaria. There you can enjoy an inexpensive and delightful vacation, among unique landscapes and a cozy atmosphere, where you can appreciate the local hospitality and exceptionally low-cost alcohol. Who can resist such a proposal?

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