Nazi Swastikas Ward Off Tourists from Bansko


Nazi swastikas and souvenirs bearing the image of Hitler are freely sold in some of the stores along the main street in Bansko and repel tourists from Russia and Israel.

Foreign tourists were literally shocked by the practice of such symbols being offered in the resort town. 45-year-old Israeli tourist Yana Kushnir came to Bansko on a ski vacation along with her 13-year-old son.

Hitler stamp

Kushnir and her son decided to buy something by which to remember their five-day vacation in the Bulgarian resort. They ended up in a souvenir shop in the main street in Bansko, where Nazi symbols were being sold.

The Bansko visitors, whose family members were victims of the Holocaust, bitterly announced that they would not come on vacation in the town under Todorka ever again.

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