British Tourists Show Off Their Cooking Skills in Bansko


In ever more places in the resort town, you can witness a sweating Englishman try to cook some of the most appetizing local delicacies.

More and more taverns are leaving their kitchens open for candidate cooks, which are given the opportunity to prepare the famous Bansko kapama, Bansko stew or beans in a pot for additional payment.


This is only part of the nontraditional initiatives with which enterprising Bansko residents are entertaining tourists in the town.

A large portion of the hotels in the winter ski capital of the Balkans have hired professional choreographers to help foreigners learn the steps of the famous Old Bansko circle dance.

In this way, guests have the opportunity not only to enjoy authentic Bulgarian folklore but to also take part in the lively dances. For those who are not huge fans of dancing, there are lessons intended for learning bagpipes, drums, tambourines or tupans.

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