Eleshnitsa Invites you to Folklore Sreshta 2014


The 1st annual folklore festival "Folklore Sreshta" will be held on August 30, 2014 (Saturday) at 2 PM at the outdoor stage in the center of Eleshnitsa.

Over 250 participants will compete in the folklore festivities in 2 categories - song and dance. The number of groups that have signed up are 17, and the individual performers number in the tens. The best singing group and the best dancing choreography will be shown at the folklore festival.

The goal of the festival is to preserve and popularize Bulgarian folklore traditions, to portray the brightness of folk art, to encourage its continuity among the younger generations and get people involved in actively participating in folklore.

The festival has a competitive style. Any amateur groups, orchestras, solo performers in the field of Bulgarian folklore can participate, no matter the age group.

Experience an exhilarating day with folklore dances and songs, inherited over the centuries by our ancestors. The organizers from Eleshnitsa village and dance ensemble Eleshnitsa are inviting you to join them.

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