Cleaning Razlog for the Upcoming Annual Town Celebration


Fall cleaning in Razlog is continuing with full speed ahead. Throughout the past week, the shrubs in the town's parks were pruned and shaped.


Dry and broken tree branches have been removed, fallen leaves are being gathered thoroughly, to prevent sewers and drains from clogging.

The fountain in front of the town hall has also been polished to a shine. The water alley flowing through the park and town square has also been cleaned.

Razlog Cleaning

A joint initiative by Razlog municipality and Nikola Parapunov Elementary School in the town has produced colorful birdhouses, fashioned by the students.

8 students from 5th and 6th grade used bright colors to paint the little wooden birdhouses, which have already been mounted in the green areas near the front office of the town hall.

The beautification projects in the town coincide with the upcoming annual town celebration, which is to be held this Friday, October 24th.

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