Hoteliers: Guests in Bansko are Seeking Ever More Pampering


Local hoteliers from the Bansko resort are reporting that tourists in the town seek to be pampered more and more when they come on vacation, writes Standard newspaper.

Bansko Hotel

Tourists, especially foreign ones, are no longer satisfied with just a bar in the hotel or free transportation to the ski slopes; they are also looking for organized shows.

This has led hoteliers in Bansko to hire choreographers and musicians to entertain their guests while they eat.

A significant part of the tourists are even daring enough to attempt to prepare dishes typical for the region, such as kapama, Bansko stew and beans in a clay pot in the hotel restaurant.

Most tourists prefer folklore music, with some hotel complexes offering lessons in bagpipes, goblet drums or davuls.

Many visitors take advantage of the fact that Bansko is located near the mineral springs of Dobrinishte, Banya and Ognyanovo in order to indulge in therapy.

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