The Lines at the Ski Lift Continue to Drive Away Tourists from Bansko


The long lines at the ski lift in Bansko are the only thing ruining the image of the ski resort. In some cases, people have had to wait 3-4 hours to get up on the slopes.

Bansko Skis

Bansko residents shared in front of "24 Chasa" newspaper their outrage about the constant discussions and delay in building the second gondola lift, which will permanently solve the problem with the long lines.

The capacity of the single lift is 2000 people per hour, while those wishing to ski are several times that number.

One Macedonian tourist shared that she spends the same amount of time waiting in line at the ski lift as it takes her to travel from her hometown to Bansko.

"Now that we finally got an investor who managed to transform Bansko into a modern ski resort in 12 years, to have its name among the best winter ski resorts in the world, it turns out that one tiny problem is hampering progress, " announced vice president of the Bansko city council, Mihail Rahov.

In his words, building a second gondola lift does not mean the cementing over of Pirin mountain because the idea is not to build hotels in the national park - just ski lifts.

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