Ski Slope Kulinoto Near Razlog is Open


The ski slope Kulinoto near the town of Razlog is now open and is awaiting ski sports enthusiasts. The small ski slope near Razlog is a prime tourist destination with its excellent skiing conditions and affordable prices.


Kulinoto has 2 ski lifts - for adult skiers and children, with the prices being more than affordable. An adult ticket for 1 ride with the lift is just 2 leva.

For 12 leva, skiers can purchase a daily ski card for the lifts. The half-day pass costs 8 leva. For that price, college students are offered a full day pass.

For 6 leva, college students can buy a half-day pass. Skis, ski shoe rentals and ski poles cost 15 leva per day.

The ski slope near Razlog is mainly preferred by families with children, as well as inexperienced skiers.

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