Residents of Razlog elect mayor today

Residents of Razlog elect mayor today

Today, residents of Razlog Municipality will vote again for a new Mayor. After last sunday none of the five contenders for the Mayor's chair failed to gain over 50 percent of the vote. Only 180 votes did not reach to one candidate for the local ruler to win the elections.

Almost 18, 800 people are elegiable to vote in the Razlog Municipality during the ongoing ballot today, with 260 men and women exercising their constitutional rights for the first time. Among the voters in Razlog today are also two centenarians!

“Election day began smoothly, all 28 sections opened at 6am this morning”, said the chairman of the Municipal Election Commission, Tanya Lazarova.

A section has also been disclosed in Razlogs hospital where 25 patients can have their right to also vote.

In the first round the turnout in the municipality reached nearly 60 percent, the most active were the inhabitants of the villages and that of local traditions - Godlevo.

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