The new mayor of Razlog is Krassimir Gerchev

The new mayor of Razlog is Krassimir Gerchev

Krasimir Gerchev is the new mayor of Razlog Municipality. He won the vote of the partial ballot that took place yesterday, with 200 votes ahead of his opponent Blagoi Dunkin, supported from the Coalition Patriotic Union of the Razlog Municipality.

For the candidate of Gerchev 6, 445 people voted, or to put it into perspective 74 percent of eligible voters voted for the new Mayor. Blagoi Dunkin gained the trust of 6 261 inhabitants of the municipality, who took 49 percent of the votes.

Razlog Municipality Election day ended exactly at 19.00 hours with 69 percent of the eligible voters placing their votes. The total of people voting for Mayor were 12, 977 in the second round. The most active of voters came from the village Razlog, where it was reported that 80 percent of eligible voters voted, followed by the village Godlevo with 76, 5percent.

In the local traditions, their vote was exercised by 75 percent of eligible voters. In Razlog the turnout was recorded at 69 percent.

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