Students from 3 Universities Support Demand for 2nd Gondola Lift


The student councils of 3 universities: University of National and World Economy, New Bulgarian University, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy are supporting the demands of Georgi Ikonomov for quick resolution of the pressing cause of building a 2nd gondola lift system in the winter resort.


According to the mayor of Bansko, the support that the municipality is receiving from the young people is perfectly normal because these are in fact the people who will be working and growing in Bulgaria, which is why their high expectations regarding the country's development economically are completely justified.

Ikonomov adds that tourism makes up 16% of Bulgaria's economy, about half of this consisting of winter tourism and despite all of the conflicts in the past few years, this potential needs to be used maximally in order to achieve a balance between saving the environment and economic growth.

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