Growing Number of Foreign Tourists Prefer to Stay at Old Houses in Bansko


Foreign tourists in Bansko don't necessarily only wish to stay at the highest luxury hotels in the ski resort town anymore.

Bansko house

More and more visitors are also taking the opportunity to spend the night in a typical Bansko house, where they are treated to specialties typical of the region, reports

This tourist attractive experience is being offered by local hoteliers. The goal is for the tourists to get familiar with Bansko homes on the inside as well, and to have contact with residents of the town.

Some of the homes that vacationers can stay at are more than 200 years old, making them particularly fascinating.

The tourists are left satisfied because they are also given the chance to taste unforgettable local specialties such as Bansko kačamak, Bansko sujuk, kapama, Bansk-style dried meat and many others, personally prepared by the head of the household. In turn, Bansko residents are also excited by this prospect because the foreign tourists pay well.

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