Bulgara is the New Surprise Performer at Bohemi Festival in Bansko


The Bulgarian instrumental group Bulgara is the brand new surprise announced in the list of performers who will be participating in the 1st annual Bohemi festival in Bansko.

Promoted as the largest, brightest and loudest festival, it will take place on June 26-27 in the resort town.

Bansko concert

The event promises to turn into a total summer hit, after the stars Karolina Gočeva, Željko Joksimović, Ivo Papazov and others confirmed they will be performing.

Bulgara was formed in 2002 by Konstantin Genchev, orchestra member and composer of the Orchestra of Traditional Music by the Bulgarian National Radio and soloist in the Mystery of Bulgarian Voices.

The group will please music lovers with wild rock and pure jazz.

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