Found alive the woman who suffered a fall at the edge of Pirin

Rescue Service Bansko

The two tourists, George Petleshkov and Reni, who got lost in the Pirin Mountain were saved, announced the Mountain Rescue Service. The tourists survived the night in the mountains thanks to good equipment.

Three mountain rescuers from the region, including the head of the local department of the Mountain Rescue Service (PSI) Krasimir Tomanov, made the discovery today around 13.05 pm in the river valley of Vlahi. A women and her companion were injured yesterday in the area of the Koncheto in the Pirin.

In the search an action involving mountain rescuers from Sofia, Bansko, Razlog and Blagoevgrad. JLS said that the two tourists are in good health.

Rescue began after the headquarters of the PSI received a signal that a woman was hurt near the Koncheto. Her companion who reported by telephone that the woman had slipped on the icy rocks and fell about 200 meters below, with multiple injuries and in serious condition. The man stayed with her. However he later lost battery to his phone and therefore was unable to communicate further with the rescuers.

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