Police to Protect Razlog Forests from Illegal Loggers


Policemen will be stationed to guard the forests near Razlog from the pervasive logging which usually takes place this time of year. The illegal loggers are often Roma or men from the municipality, who log the trees for firewood or to sell them.

The illegal logging activities are primarily carried out by the unemployed, according to Razlog municipality spokespersons, adding that because of this problem, local authorities are demanding the building of a ski center at Kulinoto which would decrease unemployment rates in the region.

Forestry management in the town hope that the police getting involved will be enough to stop the large-scale logging. Illegal loggers have also been reported to operate in protected areas, thereby damaging the region's biodiversity.


Forest rangers say that nearly 95% of the violations are done by local citizens. There are several checkpoints around the town that check trucks for illegal lumber.

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