Bansko Honors Botev's Achievements


With an honorific ceremony, the municipality of Bansko marked the 140th death anniversary of Hristo Botev and the heroes who gave their lives for Bulgarian freedom and independence.

Bansko Botev ceremony

Right at noon, accompanied by the wailing of sirens, the administration of the municipality of Bansko and hundreds of residents of the resort hailed the achievements of the poet-revolutionary and the other heroes who sacrificed their lives.

As a sign of honor, the mayor of Bansko, Georgi Ikonomov, chairman of the municipal council, Vladimir Kolchagov, council members, cultural institutions, teachers and students placed wreaths and flowers in front of the monument titled "Bansko Remembers its Heroes! "

The youngest residents, represented by Nicolina Yanchovichin, also professed their gratitude with a recital of poems dedicated to Botev.

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