Foreigners do not go out of the pubs in Bansko


The Standard commented that many foreigners in Bansko quickly forget about skiing and hardly leave the pub. They do not only forget about their ski's but their wives too, commented the owners of various establishments.

For some the mountain only makes sense to the people when they are hungover. The taverns like to accommodate for the different type of tourists offering selected drinks and delicious appetizers. "We approach ever Englishman differently to how we approach the Russians as they drink so differently" an example giving from the owner of one of the Taverns, Dedo Pene Luben Pumpalov.

The winter resort is not just for snow and skiing, said the old innkeeper. He said Macedonians were among the best customers. They like to have fun like us. Drink, eat, and listen to Macedonian songs. Usually they spend the night drinking till 3-4 in the morning. What then with skiing the next day when one stays till the early hours drinking till they are hungover? , maybe the Pirin is a place to breathe clean air, and then again begin with the alcohol in the taverns, comments the owner.

Foreigners do not go out of the pubs in Bansko

The Russians also drink but, quietly. They do not become noisy and fall over. The Englishmen can stand all night on 1-2 beers and it is a good thing they do not know how to drink. Greeks like to sit at a table with meat, with such amount of meat you would think they have no meat in Greece, they prefer to eat lots instead of drinking lots like the English who can not drink so much without becoming noisy, added the owner.

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