The capacity of the gondola in Bansko proved insufficient


Huge queues of visitors formed a line in Bansko. The capacity of the facility can not accommodate those who want to ski. In the morning during the peak hours and over the time of the promotional price of the lift at lunch, skiers wait for hours for the gondola. In most instances the people are becoming nervous.

"There is no pleasure in having to wait in line for two hours, then another hour to wait to get up onto the chair lift, in total we waited three hours to ski. Just my special guests were very disappointed, " admits Julia Georgieva.

Gondola Lift Bansko

This year, the resort has done well especially regarding the Romanian tourists. The majority of the seats in the hotels are occupied by Romanian tourists. After them come the Macedonians and then the Greeks. All because they prefer the resort slopes.

The municipality needs to recognize the problem and prepare a project to expand the ski center.

"Building one more gondola, parallel to the existing runway launched close to the "Black Mound", which was built and unused from 1986 because of the environmentalists. In this way we can prevent large queues that appear particularly in December and January for the gondola" commented Bansko mayor Alexander Kravarov.

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