Interest in properties in Bansko is increasing

Interest in properties in Bansko is increasing

After a decline of about 50% of the price Property in Bansko, there is a certain buzz in the market. Interest in Bansko is larger because Bansko is known of having more investments than the Pamporovo and Borovets winter resorts.

Good advertising has made Bansko a winter tourist destination and the conduct of international competitions there are the reason for the demand for properties in the resort town.

Average prices of properties sold in Bansko are between 650 - 700 euros per quarter meter. The major buyers are Russians. Properties in Bansko are also attractive to rich people from Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are ready to give up to 200 thousand euros for properties located in the good tourist destinations providing them with the necessary luxuries.

The number of Greeks who also wish to acquire Property in Bansko are also of a significant number. Serbs and Macedonians are also expected to occur in the future with a desire to own property in Bansko. However this is expected after the fall of visas for their trip to Bansko is relaxed.

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