Kamenica hut (Begovitsa)

Kamenica hut (Begovitsa) is located at 1750 meters above the sea level in the Pirin mountains on the left shore of the river Kozya. The hut is a big three - storey building with a mansard floor. The capacity of the hut is 90 beds. There are common bedrooms and one - bedroom apartment. In the rooms there are 2, 4, 7 or 8 beds. The baths and toilets are common for every floor.

In the tents there are 30 more places during the summer. In the hut there is a parking place. The places for camping are marked. Kamenica hut is electrical and water supplied. The hut is heated by stoves with a solid fuel.

On the ground floor of the hut there is a fully equipped tourist kitchen and a dining room. On the first floor there is a restaurant, which works during the whole year. The hut has also a TV and a ski - wardrobe. Near the hut a ski track and three ski lifts are situated.

The starting point for Kamenica hut is the town of Sandanski. The hut can be reached by covering the distance of 29 km, as 21 km is an asphalted road to the place of Popina Luka. The transport is organized from Sandanski to Popina Luka during the summer and you can reach Kamenitsa hut for 2 hours by walking on a marked path.

Owner: Tourist association Edelweiss, the town of Sandanski, 2800, 1 Okolvrastno Shose Str., tel: 0746 / 3 03 85

Adjacent places

*Kuklite top - 2.10 hours
*Demianitza hut - 6.00 hours
*Zuba top - 2.50 hours
*Yalovarnika top - 3.50 hours
*the Small lake - 4.35 hours (paths are not marked)
*Kamenica top - 2.30 hours (the path is marked to Kozi ridge)
*Pirin hut - 5.00 hours (in the area of Solishteto)
*the Kuklensko lake - 2.00 hours
*shelter lake Tevno - 3.30 hours
*Vihren hut - 7.00 hours
*Sinanitsa hut - 6.30 hours
*Sandanski hut - 1.30 hours
*Bezbog hut - 7.30 hours (paths are marked)

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Infos on Bansko, Bulgaria
  • Total ski runs: 70km
  • Longest run: 16km
  • Off-piste skiing: Yes
  • Slopes exposure: North
  • Highest ski point: 2600m
  • Max vertical drop: 1630m
  • Height of resort: 930m
  • Drags: 16
  • Chairlifts: 6
  • Gondolas: 1
  • Artificial snow: 100% coverage
  • Night skiing: Yes
  • Snowboarding: Yes
  • Ski-Doo: Yes
  • Season starts: middle Dec.
  • Season ends: middle April