Dancing Bear Park in Belitsa gets other three bears


The Four Paws Foundation successfully transported the last three registered dancing bears from Serbia in Belitsa Dancing Bears Park. In the park, situated at the foot of Rila Mountains, only 20 km from Bansko, the animals will be housed in a separate sector, which was prepared especially for them. In 2007 all registered dancing bears in Bulgaria were accommodated in the park. Four Paws directed its efforts to neighboring Balkan countries.

"Today ended our successful efforts to save the last dancing bears in Serbia", the head of the Bears Department to Four Paws told. "We were ready to accept Serbian bears during the spring of last year, but because of political situation and bureaucratic impediments, we managed to obtain permission to export the animals now. The transportation was very smooth as we had problems only in 11-km section between Belitsa and the park, which is completely destroyed."

In Serbia and in Bulgaria, dancing bears are prohibited by law, but there is no shelter in which the animals are accommodated. The new occupants of the park in Belitsa are Seyda, Milena and Natasha. On arrival in the park, they were housed in a separate sector, especially prepared for them, says Vasil Madolev.

Dancing Bear Park in Belitsa gets other three bears

"To adapt fast to the new conditions, the Bears will initially be placed on 1/3 of the territory sector. We have developed a food program for each of the bears, which meets their needs. We will constantly monitor their situation, especially Milena, she is completely blind and too weak, which causes a great concern. Because of her advanced age and fragile health, our predictions are that Milena has only several months to live. However, it is worth transporting her here, the animal suffered all her life and deserves to spend her last days in freedom."

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